White Wax Pot & Candle Plate


Light your space with the new Wax Pot Candles available at Francalia. The large 3 wick candles feature a paraffin wax exterior wall that holds the melted wax inside – creating a swimming pool-like effect. The concrete-like texture of the exterior gives a raw, natural feel that remains the focal point even after the wicks have been lit and burning for hours and the two neutral colour options ensure that the Wax Pot Candles to integrate into any space. Each Wax Pot is sold and styled with the Candle Plate to make sure that the surface beneath is protected from wax particles.

Please note: Price is inclusive of 1 Wax Pot and 1 Candle Plate

Wholesale & Trade Buyers: MQO is 4 (for both Candle Plate and Wax Pot)

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