Francalia Homewares is a family run business created 25 years ago by Jen & Christophe Rymer. The name ‘Francalia’ represents the union of these two people; Christophe who was born in France and Jen who was born in Australia – hence the name Francalia !

Jen & Christophe met in France in 1985 and Jen moved to Paris in 1988 and lived there several years studying French and working at a French advertising agency whilst Christophe worked as a financier in the banking industry.

Many holidays were spent in Morocco where they fell in love with the country and the local hand-made artifacts.  When their first child, Chloe, was born they returned to Australia and saw an opportunity to import product from Morocco.  Limoges porcelain soon followed and Francalia was born. Over the years they have travelled the world sourcing quality wares from many countries including France, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Vietnam and Turkey, to name a few!

Jen & Christophe’s intention has always been to import superior calibre and visually beautiful products to incorporate into the Australian lifestyle.

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