Italian 100mm Pillar Candle


Create ambience in your home with the range of Pillar Candles available at Francalia. Made in Italy, Pillar Candles are the perfect way to create a relaxing atmosphere or intimate setting in any space. Unscented to make for the ideal addition to any home and personal preferences, the Italian Pillar candles burn from 30 to 216 hours depending on the size.

Available in 3 colours, White, Black and Grey, and 8 impactful sizes, ranging from the petite 100mm option to the statement 200mm size, the Italian Pillar Candles can used as a standalone decorative set or styled in one of the Francalia-exclusive Polish Glassware pieces for added impact. Mix and match the sizes and colours to bring an eclectic-touch to your table setting or embrace a more classic look with a single-colour arrangement.

Warning : never leave a burning candle unattended and do not burn near any flammable or loose hanging items.

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