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Curtain Aleria Natural


Embrace the natural light in your home with the one of the linen curtain styles available at Francalia. Linen curtains add a soft yet styled look and feel to any living space and are as functional as they are beautiful.

The Aleria is a voile style linen curtain that features the stunningly distinct organic/irregular linen weave which allows for natural daylight to gently shine and filter through, providing moderate privacy whilst creating a soft, radiating warmth into any space. The thick (9cm) black stripe on either side, black overlocked (side) edges the and clean rolled base hem adds subtle definition to the style without overwhelming the soft natural colour. The 140cmx280cm curtain is finished with small, embedded eyelets with fixed curtain rings, making for quick installation with any style curtain rod of your choice. Each linen curtain style is sold individually as one panel.

Style: Aleria

Type: Voile (sheer)

Hanging Style: small embedded eyelets with fixed curtain rings

Size: 140×280 (approximately 5cm extra from rings)

Care: washable at 40°

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